Brian started his career in finance working for two of the most regarded banking institutions; Wells Fargo and JP Morgan.

Raider has 15+ years of Producing and Executive Production Management on over 100 hours of digital and Network television and produced many films. Most recently he has been at Warner Brothers Discovery as a finance executive and consulting for other large studios and production companies.

In digital, he worked with Sony Pictures Television as a production executive and at  Fine Brothers Entertainment producing 15 Digital Interactive pilots for Eko.com. Brian worked for Go90 on the series Hype Up and for Laugh Out Loud on the series Rahat’s Terror Traps.

In network television, Raider was The Executive in Charge of Production for truTV’s The Carbonaro Effect and at Fuse for G- thing.

In film, he produced Americons, Grey Skies and Uncle Melvin’s Apartment.